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What is "Marblesared" ? It is a new take on the old hand-held "marble-in-a maze" type games commonly available many decades before electronic hand held games existed,

where you had to get a marble from one corner of the maze to the other, or variations on the theme.

Marblesared is designed to make the most of Android device built-in accelerometers,

enabling you to play simply by tilting your Android mobile device as if it were a physical container holding a marble.

It can also be played on PC with keyboard (or gamepad) controlling the marble.

How to play ?

- Roll your red marble to the red goal, through mazes, obstacles & bonuses.

- Help a little yellow bean get to the yellow goal.

The yellow bean can auto-navigate, and even has a jetpack for speeding to the yellow goal after your red marble unlocks it.


Only your marble can help the bean reach that yellow goal.

How? By lowering obstacles, by NOT tripping bad items, by NOT directly running over the bean and Smooshing it,

and ideally, by doing it in as little time as possible if you are competitive and want to brag a bit :-)

The target audience is early teens and older, due to the bean character being "smooshed",

and humour content (very bad puns),

There is no elite skill barrier - anyone capable of using a PC or Android tablet can play - albeit some better than others :-)

Play Hard & Roll Ball!


Install instructions

Marblesared ========================= Installation Instructions (GamePlay Help is built-in to the game) ========================= PC: Download the executable from the link supplied Marblesared_Setup_YYYYMMDD.exe

Run that exe file on a Windows PC (XP/Vista/Win7,8,8.1,10) and it will guide you step by step to install to a target program folder of your choice, with the option of a Start Menu folder, and the option of reading the introduction webpage. The Start Folder entries include: - Marblesared.exe - view the intro or readme files - Clear savegame/settings data - Uninstall Marblesared Standard Uninstallation from the Control Panel is also provided, which will also delete the gamedata. Upgrades/Installation of newer versions will overwrite the old. Downgrades are only possible after uninstallation of newer versions.

Android Google Play app link: Use this URL in your mobile device browser app - https://play.google.com/apps/testing/com.pcandvr.marblesared Install via Google Play just as with any other app.

Android APK: (only where Google Play unsupported) If Downloading&Installing the apk from a direct link marblesared.apk Either directly to your mobile device, or via PC download then transfer via USB or wifi   If unsure, Google/websearch for appropriate transfer methods on your mobile device   - Android USB interface in "MTP" mode may require dedicated app but should work on newer devices with correct USB drivers.   - "Mass storage" mode may work as a removable disk through file explorer on older devices.   - You may need to revoke then regrant "USB Debugging authorizations" in Developer Options,     then disable and re-enable USB Debugging, to fix connectivity with specific PCs. To transfer from PC to Android, also enable USB Debugging (In Developer Options - Android Debugging over ADB). If Developer Options is not enabled on your Android Device, go to Settings->About Device, and tap Build Number 7 times. To install the apk, Enable installation of non-Google Play store apps. (Settings->Security->Unknown Sources) Once marblesared.apk file is on your mobile device, locate it with a file manager app, and select/tap it to install. Marblesarered can then be run from the red marble icon.

=================== System Requirements: =================== PC: - windows XP or greater (standard x86 32 bit windows build for DirectX9) - 4Gb RAM recommended minimum - No discrete graphics acceleration required. - Total 40Mb disk space required for compressed install file + expanded target directory

- Tested working on:     Win 7 Pro x64 on custom Intel i7-3770 16Gb RAM Geforce 970     Win 7 Ult x64 on IBM x61 tablet 4Gb RAM         Win XP 32 bit on VirtualBox guest inside Win7 Pro x64 host.

Android: v4.1 is minimum supported version as of Unity3D v5.6 - Total storage space required: 20Mb APK file, expands to ~40Mb in total Android package space - no special permissions should be requested other than standard updating internal storage / private store (for saving a local high score table.)

- Tested working on offical stock Android for:     Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 (P6800)     Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro (SM-T520)     Samsung Galaxy S2 (GT-I9100)     Samsung Galaxy S3 (GT-I9300)     Samsung Galaxy S6 (SM-G920I)

- Tested working on CyanogenMod 11 (Android 4.4.4) on:     Samsung Galaxy Tab (P1000) - runs slowly when many items or particle systems are onscreen.

====================== Uninstall instructions: ====================== PC: Start Menu contains item to Uninstall Marblesared. Standard Uninstallation from the Control Panel is provided, which will also delete the gamedata. Upgrades/Installation of newer versions will overwrite the old. Downgrades are only possible after uninstallation of newer versions.

To clear saved game data: Automatically, run item in Start Menu " -Paste this location to Windows File Explorer & Delete the Marblesared subdirectory: (Windows Vista,7,8) %HOME%\AppData\LocalLow\PCAndVR (Windows XP): %USERPROFILE%\Local Settings\Application Data\PCAndVR

Android:  - Settings - General - Application Manager - find and open "Marblesared" item in list of installed apps, choose "uninstall" option.


Marblesared Demo (2017/09/20)

Also available on

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