Current Features (2017/09/20)

Current Features:

- Animated intro/splash screen with sound effects.

- Help/Instructions (Please read first as introduction on How to Play).

- Tutoriballs (Animated Tutorials) - disabled by default, appearing as a zoomable PIP inset image when enabled.

synced to 1st appearance of each new bad/bonus item so players learn how to use them

- 33 hand-designed levels for each of 4 skills for Play testing:

- "BabyBall" skill (No Bonuses or Bad Items),

- "Normball" skill (Bonus Items - e.g. Actuator/Triggers with Drop-down walls)

- "Hardball" skill (Bonus/Bad Items - e.g. lava pit, spiky balls, bomb, smartmine)

- "Maballs!" skill (Bonus/Bad Items AND electrified goal for yellow bean requiring player goal entry to disable)

- Bonus items (Green), include: Actuator Pad, Wall, Bean Shield, Extra Time, Bean Powerup, PortalEntry, PortalExit,

- Bad items (Red), include: Actuator Pad, Wall, Compactor, Slicer, Spike Plate, Lava Pit, Weight , Bomb, SmartMine

- Bad/Bonus actuators exist primarily to activate the other bad/bonus items.

- Reset Actuator (Purple) clear Bad Items in Hardball, MaBalls! skill

- Player setup/name/skill/Score reset for New games (New Player games start by default at Level 1 on BabyBall skill)

- Continued games option to start at any level up to highest played for current player

- Score/countdown per level & local saved high score table for each player & top 10 player scores

- Auto Next Level countdown on each level completion.

- Game settings including Debug on/off, Sound on/off, Controller input selection for both PC & Android using inbuilt default/keyboard/accelerometer/gamepad

- SoundFX setting enable/disable

- Additional "Settings" for improved graphics quality (shaders, reflections, transparency) - use Vertex Material & disable texture for fastest performance

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